WOW: Hotness is hotties talking about cooking and food!

WOW: Hotness is hotties talking about cooking and food

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Your Ms Khabri almost fainted today. No, no not because of over work, in fact she had a super sexy weekend but she fainted looking at two handsome, chocolicious, hotties Upen and Gautam talking about cooking, food, diet and gyming *phew* too much hotness I tell you.
So Ms Khabri’s ears and eyes(Teeheehee) were on Gautam when he was telling Upen how he has very light food mostly without or very less oil. He told his maid is trained by his mother in cooking and she cooks exactly like his mother, which just impresses Gautam. Post that both the boys shared each other’s diet and food habits. Upen also introduced Gautam to an appliance that he got from UK and which helps him to steam and boil his veggies within no time. He also suggested Gautam to buy the appliance so that he saves time while making his diet food. They also spoke about protein shakes and their workouts. Looks like the boys were trying to bond over some cool boy talks and here Ms Khabri zoned out and saw herself gyming with the two hotties in the gym. *Sigh*

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