Will Ali Quli Mirza play divide-and-rule politics in Bigg Boss 8 house?

Will Ali Quli Mirza play divide-and-rule politics in Bigg Boss 8 house

This week was quite challenging for the Bigg Boss contestants, with back to back twists that have landed them into troubles. The biggest twist of all was the entry of a wild card contestant, Ali Quli Mirza, who will be the first captain of the season. While in the previous seasons the housemates had to vote for the captain amongst themselves, the eighth season of Bigg Boss introduced yet another modification in the concept.

The third week was full of surprises and shocks for the Bigg Boss housemates. The first shock came as a change in the nomination method. While most contestants were fully prepared to nominate two contestants for elimination, Bigg Boss asked them to secure one contestant for this week instead. The second twist was introduced in the weekly task, Super Hero Vs Super Villain. Bigg Boss announced that the loosing team’s captain would be automatically nominated in next week’s elimination. The third and last shock of the week was the introduction of the first captain of the season.

Ali Quli Mirza, a Dubai based singer, entered the controversial house late evening yesterday. The buzz is that the wild card contestant is all set to create a stir inside the house thereby making it more interesting to watch. Since he will be first captain of the season, we will definitely see Ali having more power as compared to the other contestants. What strategy will Ali imply to prolong his stay in this glass walled house, we don’t know!

What we know for sure-there is a lot of groupisim going inside the house, where Karishma and her teammates stand strong as well as united in all circumstances. It was reflected in this week’s task. Even while Diandra misbehaved with Sonali, her teammates supported her. This offended other inmates, who had stood in support of Karishma when she was verbally abused by Gautam.

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Ali being the newest entry might have been aware of all the happening inside the house. Will he resort to divide-and-rule strategy to control-if not exactly rule- the inmates?

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