Why did Sonali Raut slap Ali Quli Mirza? Bigg Boss 8 Episode update

Why did Sonali Raut slap Ali Quli Mirza? Bigg Boss 8 Episode update

Bigg Boss 8 finally has an element which everyone was waiting for this season, Masala! As the Day 66 of the reality show Bigg Boss 8 ended, it unfolded bigger drama that will be witnessed tomorrow.

The forthcoming episode will see temperamental contestant Sonali Raut slapping the casanova Ali Quli Mirza. Yes, the same guy who touched her inappropriately under the blanket without her consent. And now she delivers one tight thappad on the round cheeks of the Dubai based singer.

Things in the mad house were not going well in Wednesday’s episode and this incident was long coming. The differences between Sonali and Ali are well known by the viewers and has been the talk of the town since the completion of luxury budget task. It seems, the nauk-jhauk has reached to newer heights now. What incident would have triggered such aggresive reaction from Sonali Raut?

It is not a forgotten thing that not only few weeks back the self-styled captain Ali Quli Mirza had misbehaved with Sonali Raut. Earlier, when Sonali Raut was seen flirting with Upen Patel, the mean-guy of the glass-walled house Ali moved his hand under the blanket that Sonali and Upen were fondly sharing. Ali first began singing the popular song Pehla Nasha to tease the love birds. What happened next was highly unacceptable. The arrogant Ali slipped his hand under the blanket and touched Sonali in a wrong way!

The glam girl did not appreciate Ali’s gesture and yelled at him. Sonali then even cautioned the captain that if he dared doing the shambolic act again, he will have a severe chappal beating from her. Ali was cheesy at that time and argued with the inmates that Sonali is his friend and he has done nothing dirty with the girl.

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However, it is unconfirmed yet that why did Sonali Raut slapped her fellow contestant Ali Quli Mirza. Anyway, Bigg Boss 8 is surely going to grab the eyeballs in this last-leg of this season. Was this act of aggression a created controversy or did Ali Quli Mirza misbehaved with the glam girl again? It’s for episode on November 27 to tell. Watch this space for more Bigg Boss 8 news.

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