Why Bigg Boss 9 pushes the right buttons of its viewers

Viewers may feel they know the Bigg Boss format all too well by now. But the show, in its ninth edition now, never ceases to surprise even its most ardent fans with the number of twists and turns it has in store for us.

Mind games seem to be the speciality of the Bigg Boss house. When house politics isn’t enough to keep us entertained, Bigg Boss brings in a series of challenges that leave most on the edge of their seats. Last night was one of those times.

Free at last?

Kishwar and Aman were asked to go into a Double Trouble room that will be a permanent fixture in the house, as revealed by Bigg Boss. The room consists of two sound blocking cubicles where both of them were required to make certain decisions independently without the other knowing his/her decision. This decision would impact the housemates outside as well.

What happened next perhaps took Aman back to his Khullja Sim Sim days when he provided others with three options, whereby a contestant had to guess the winning option. Quite similarly, both were handed a button and told that they along with other housemates would be free from their harnesses if they pressed it. The only catch was:

1) If only one pressed the button, everyone was freed from their jodis.

2) If they both pressed it, others would be freed but they would still remain tied to each other.

3) If they both do not press the button, they along with another jodi would stay jodidars while others would be free.

This had to be done in less than three minutes. As Aman immediately pressed the button, we waited for Kishwar, who seems rather impulsive, to make her decision. Surprisingly, she stayed away from the button leading to freeing all the housemates from the “Bandhan”. What followed next seemed like a couple of prisoners being granted premature release. Newly liberated from their bonds, we were happy to see the house collectively elated.

The asli and nakli
Later in the day, Captain Kishwar, was handed a couple of placards that held an adjective for different housemates. Kishwar was required to give the most fitting adjective to each, which had to be worn across the neck by the contestant for the day. While one got “Boring” and another “Entertaining”, it was the title of “Nakli” that got everyone talking. “Nakli” or fake was ultimately given to a sick Mandana who took it without making much fuss.

An almost killer selfie
Call it product placement or just a ludicrous task but the housemates were given a smartphone (that is also a sponsor of the show) along with a selfie stick. All that was required of them was to take a selfie in the teams they were divided in, without getting a member from the other team in the frame.

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A simple task turned the house into a warring zone. Pushing, shoving and crying foul, one would think it was possibly an intense game of rugby instead of a harmless selfie session. Alas, one team won the absurd selfie contest, leaving the others with a bruised ego and body literally.

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