Why Bigg Boss 8’s Minissha Lamba Or Soni Singh Might Get Eliminated?

Why Bigg Boss 8's Minissha Lamba Or Soni Singh Might Get Eliminated?

Bigg Boss 8’s eliminations might most probably eliminate Minissha Lamba or Soni Singh from the controversial reality show tonight, October 26. These two contestants being the least contributing on the show compared to Sonali Raut and Diandra Soares.

Salman Khan announced that among the contestants RJ Preetam and Sushant Digvikar are safe from eliminations on Saturday leaving Diandra, Minissha, Sonali and Soni remaining in the danger zone. When we consider who are the two weakest among the four, Soni and Minissha get highlighted.

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Sonali and Diandra have been few of the contestants who have managed to grab attention. In the previous week, Sonali and Gautam Gulati’s romance took the limelight along with Diandra’s issue with not being nominated for captaincy. Whereas, when we see Soni and Minissha’s stay in the house, while Soni is playing the game so safe that she is being invisible among the others, not to mention pulling Upen Patel too along with her into invisibility. Minissha on the other hand has gone to hibernating mode ever since she was cornered by others previous week. Thus showing the chances of Soni and Minissha getting eliminated are far more stronger than Sonali and Diandra. Let’s wait and watch if the predictions turn right or not in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Va Vaar with Salman Khan.

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