Who did Puneet’s judgement give immunity this week? There was a task to decide this too!

Who did Puneet's judgement give immunity this week? There was a task to decide this too

This time around the judgement day comprised of Puneet taking three names in the house whom he would want to give immunity for next week’s nominations. So, to begin the process, Puneet was asked to talk to his co-mates individually and aske them why he or she should be saved from next week’s nominations. Everyone met Puneet one after another giving the best possible reason explaining why would they want to be safe.

Finally, Puneet chose Gautam(obvio!), Pritam and Upen. In fact, while giving explanation why he chose Upen he got emotional saying how Upen did all sacrifices in the last task from getting inside the tub full of cow dung to bleaching his hair completely, which even burnt his scalp a bit, was commendable and in a true spirit!

That was not all, the three chosen people were asked to undergo a task wherein each one would hold two colored water bowls raising arms in the front and the one who holds till the last would win immunity for next week’s nominations.

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Guess who won the task? Upen? Gautam? as both of them are well built and fitness freak flexing the muscles all the time? Or it was Pritam who swept it under their nose. I wouldn’t tell you now, but trust me you will be shocked to know the result!

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