What was Salman Khan’s farewell gift to the Bigg Boss 8 crew?

What was Salman Khan's farewell gift to the Bigg Boss 8 crew

Salman Khan’s generosity and kind hearted nature has earned him a million hearts worldwide. From showering gifts on his close ones to helping the underprivileged and the needy, Salman’s Being Human persona has always over shadowed his superstar aura. Such was an instance when he decided to gift the entire Bigg Boss 8 crew with a special gift.

Salman, who was extremely emotional on the last day of his shoot- the Grand Finale Episode of Bigg Boss 8 had previously left a video message for the audiences and the contestants before leaving for his shoot. But one thing that hardly is known to anyone is that the generous actor also gifted everyone on the sets- from the production members to the channel crew Being Human T-shirts.

He personally got the T-shirts for the entire crew before he left for shooting Bajrangi Bhaijaan in Rajasthan. Everyone misses Salman on the show- from the audiences to the housemates and even the entire crew. Being there on the show, working with the crew for the past five years, Bigg Boss somehow had become synonymous with Salman.

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And now that he’s not around, the entire crew was seen wearing the T-shirts he’s gifted them during the Bigg Boss shoots. Now that’s why Salman’s gonna be missed soon. But will he make a comeback during the Bigg Boss Halla Bol grand finale? Let’s just wait and watch.

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