What is on Salman Khan’s ‘Double Trouble’ Agenda in Bigg Boss 9?

In the first teaser to Bigg Boss 9, Salman Khan laughs wickedly and says “Yahan ek karega doosre ko trouble, kyunki one plus one is double trouble!”

Khan’s announcement is preceded by shots of couple bound together inside a single oversized shirt. So will this be Bigg Boss’ new challenge? Will we see two housemates bound together, forced to sit, eat, sleep perform tasks and do a whole lot of things TOGETHER? How crazy will that be!

If so, here’s a list of previous Bigg Boss contestants we want back on the show and under the same shirt.

1. Ajaz and Gauhar Khan

ajaz gauhar
Two of the most popular and controversial contestants of Bigg Boss 7. Remember how Ajaz kept openly flirting with Gauhar who had eyes only for Kushal Tandon. But things got interesting when Kushal was evicted and Gauhar started paying Ajaz some much needed attention. It would be super fun to see the hot and cold vibes between these two under the same collar.

2. Kamya Punjabi and Armaan Kohli
armaan kamya
The perpetually hot-headed Armaan Kohli lashed out on Kamya Punjabi in Bigg Boss 7, when Kamya was trying to irritate him by making noises to get him out on one of the challenges. Armaan’s colourful abusive language and Kamya’s retaliation pumped up the TRPs. And mind you this was just one of the fights that the two had during the show. How will Kamya survive in the house if she were tied to Armaan for a few minutes, let alone being bound to him 24×7?

3. Karishma Tanna and Gautam Gulati
gautam karishma
These two refused to see eye to eye on anything. Whether it was performing tasks, helping with the chores or even a normal chat, whenever these two contestants came together, we saw sarcasm, temper, and even derogatory comments flying all over. Karishma ended up demanding that Gautam be disqualified and be asked to leave the house. These two would spell ‘double trouble’ alright.

4. Urvashi Dholakia and Imam Qureshi
imaam urvashi
Imam Qureshi had a knack of getting under the skin of each and every contestant. He even managed to irk Salman Khan on the show. While most of the contestants chose not to blow things out of proportion, Urvashi Dholakia chose to give it back which livened up the proceedings on Bigg Boss 6. I believe if Urvashi and Imam were under the same shirt, the lady would be evicted in a few days for losing patience and slapping Imam every time he opened his mouth.

5. Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra
dolly shweta
Get ready for the wildest cat fights if this duo ever got wrapped under the same shirt. Their constant verbal duels was the talk of Bigg Boss 4. Dolly Bindra was sent into the house to raise TRPs and the lady did her job well. At times she even came close to having a proper slapping session besides the ongoing slanging match with Shweta. If they ever got into the ‘double trouble’ zone, one of them might end up killing the other.

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6. Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant
rakhi rahul
Last but not least, Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan were probably the most entertaining contestants in their respective seasons. Forget Bigg Boss, their idiosyncrasies make these two a must-watch even outside. And apart from Bigg Boss they had a televised Swayamwar in common too. It will be super hilarious to watch Rakhi’s overconfident attitude and Rahul’s spaced out character together. Though the Rakhi and Rahul may not kill each other, the audience could definitely die cracking up.

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