What did Sonali Raut miss most while in the Bigg Boss house?

What did Sonali Raut miss most while in the Bigg Boss house

After a harrowing 105 days in the Bigg Boss house, aspiring actress Sonali Raut was finally shown the door on the same day as boss-man Puneet Issar. By her own admission, Sonali slept late on her first night back in her own home and was forced to get up and about early the next morning, to speak to press at the Colors office in Mumbai.

Funnily enough, during the interviews, the svelte Sonali wore a T-shirt that read ‘What a girl wants’ — and we can tell you exactly what that is!

With all the hullaballoo of Bigg Boss Halla Bol behind her, Sonali stepped into the plush confines of Tip & Toe Nail Club in Bandra on January 10. Having swapped the ‘danger aasan’ for a sleek black leather massage chair, Sonali looked blissful as nail technicians tended to her tips and toes!

Wearing a blue top and a smile (one we failed to see towards the end of her time in the Bigg Boss house), Sonali sipped on a steaming hot cup of coffee during her mani-pedi.

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She even joked with her pedicurist about how much she had missed this form of tender loving care while in the BB house. Now that she’s out (and Upen Patel is too), it seems fair to say Sonali won’t be short of TLC anymore!

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