We want to be the ideal couple on Bigg Boss: Suyyash Rai and Kishwar Merchant

TV actor Suyyash Rai and actress Kishwar Merchant are one of the real-life partners on Bigg Boss Nau and their constant effort on the show will be to try and remain the perfect couple. Kishwar and Suyyash, who met during the shoot of TV soap Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani, have a huge fan following, thanks to their public display of affection on social media sites. They are often referred by fans as “Sukish”.

“It is going to be difficult to be with each other in front of so many cameras all the time. There is no denying that we are too much in love, we have been very open about our relationship. So, even on the show we will be exactly the way we are in real life. We want to be the ideal couple on Bigg Boss,” Suyyash said.

Echoing her boyfriend’s sentiments, Kishwar , who is older to Suyyash by 7 years, said both of them want to show their best side to the audience. “We have always been perceived as this cute couple. We want that side of us to come out on the show as well. I am not saying that we will not fight or have arguments but we will make up later. The audience will love to see that side,” she said.

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In a house full of strangers, Kishwar and Suyyash have a slight advantage as they have each other to fall back on during difficult times. “That is a big relief for us. I am happy that we are together and we can take care of each other,” Kishwar said. They, however, maintained that they will be competing as individuals. “It is a game and even though we may be participating as a pair, we are both individuals and we will play like that. We both want to win the show,” Kishwar said.

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