Vikas Gupta Loses His Cool, Calls Shilpa Shinde A Psycho On Bigg Boss 11

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Bigg Boss 11 was premiered yesterday (October 1); Salman Khan had introduced this season’s celebrity and commoner contestants and also the padosis of season 11. While ardent fans are eagerly awaiting tonight’s episode to find out how was the contestant’s first day in the house, let me fill you, it wasn’t that great for some.

In the premiere episode, we saw that the last two contestants (whom Salman introduced) Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta had an heated argument on the very first day as they saw each other. Though they were sarcastically taking a dig at each other, it was yet crystal clear that the two dislike each other and can’t stand each other’s presence. In fact, Vikas also said that he would have not accepted the offer if he had an idea that even Shilpa was a part of the show.

While we presumed that the contestants will try to know each other better, they already have picked up fights instead on their very first day in the house. Shilpa and Vikas picked it up from where they had left onstage.

The two got into an argument during the wee hours and while Shilpa tries to clarify her side of the story, Vikas loses his temper and calls Shilpa a ‘psycho’ and ‘mentally challenged person’. The remaining contestants try to resolve the fight, but all in vain and Shilpa finally walks away crying.

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Looks like, we will have too much fun this season as I believe there are lot too many opinionated people under one roof. Woah! this season, it’s going to be double the fun. So, are you excited to watch tonight’s episode? Watch this space for more updates.

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