Vikas and Arshi Targetted to be sent to jail on Bigg Boss 11

Tonight Bigg Boss will do justice to all the wrong happenings in the house.

When Bigg Boss himself observed that the housemates are not taking the punishment of going to the jail seriously he made an announcement saying the punishment of going to prison will be no more fun rather housemates will actually feel the punishment. In fact he announces that the prisoners would only get two times meal.

Once again the housemates will be asked to choose amongst themselves the two housemates who were the worst performers during the last luxury budget task.

One by one as and when the housemates start giving their opinions, it is found that according to them Vikas and Arshi have not played the game well. Shilpa’s name would also be taken, however many would still feel that the apt choices are Vikas and Arshi for the same.

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Arshi however chooses to be adamant on not going to the jail even if people want her to. Vikas defending himself disagrees to what the housemates have to say about him. Who will eventually go in the jail?

Author: Bigg Boss

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