Upen Patel will win Bigg Boss: Sukirti Kandpal

Upen Patel will win Bigg Boss Sukirti Kandpal

This pretty gal with a curly mop may not have had a very long stint in Bigg Boss’s house, but this popular actress will surely be missed in Colors’ ongoing TRP grosser reality show.

The girl, who clearly stated her viewpoint in the show, is equally vocal when it comes to voicing her thoughts outside the celebrity house. In a tete-a-tete with us, she comes clean on many things under the sun.

I deserve to go back to Bigg Boss- Sukirti’s surprise eviction has shocked many. But seeing the way her former housemate SonaliRaut returned soon after her eviction, there are some viewers, who are hoping for an encore for Sukirti too. Tell her this and the chirpy gal says rather pertly: “Of course, I deserve to go back to Bigg Boss! I’m missing all my friends out there. Let’s see if I get another chance. There are so many things that I would like to do there!”

Upen ka magic chalega- And, who among her former housemates, has the potential to win the reality show? “I feel Upen Patel will win this contest. He’s calm, sensible and smart and is playing the game quite well,” says Sukirti.

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Seniors’ diplomacy- In the show, Sukirti had blatantly told PuneetIssar that he wasn’t doing the right thing by supporting the opponents’ team in a task given to them. Ask her if it didn’t worry to lock horns with the seniors and she replies: “I’m a very good judge of people and their characters. I noticed that Puneetji would very diplomatically try and give advice to youngsters. At that time, he wasn’t being elderly, but very clever and wanted to either know others’ reactions or just trying to gain sympathy for himself.”

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