Uncut: ‘Sleepless in the Bigg Boss House’ – Qurbaniyaa continues!

Uncut 'Sleepless in the Bigg Boss House' - Qurbaniyaa continues!

After giving the ‘Qurbaani’ of their well kept secrets the Secret Society orders Gautam to stay up all night. Gautam was seen in a fit of rage, as he is someone who cannot stay up all night. To keep company to this angry young man of the Bigg Boss house, Upen decides to stay up and be the friend-in-need. Here is the timeline on how these handsome hunks of the Bigg Boss had an amazing night – out!
23:58 pm: Gautam keeps his point of view on the decision taken by the Secret Society and suggest both these dudes will work out to pass their time.

1:36 am: Gautam finds solace in his fellow inmates, and tell them how unfair it is

4:00 am: Gautam takes a nap and fears that they might lose the task, Upen sprinkles water on Gautam and wakes him up

4:05 am: Upen makes Gautam understand how it is just a matter of few more hours and he should hold on to it.

6:00 am: Gautam gets restless as this is the longest he has been in a sleepless state

6:30 am: Upen gives a pat on Gautam’s back congratulating him on how they have managed to stay up all night

7:00 am: Upen talks to the camera and informs how difficult it is for Gautam to stay awake

8:00 am: Upen and Gautam hug it out on the successful completion of their task

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8:30 am: The morning alarm rings in and Hey, It’s a Good Morning!!

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