Uncut Gautam howls for abusing Karishma!

Uncut Gautam howls for abusing Karishma!

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A chaotic situation appeared in the house when Gautam used fowl language for Karishma during a task. The task was to irritate the other team members so that they get up from their respective chairs. Karishma was applying chilly paste to Gautam’s face. But when he couldn’t tolerate the burning sensation instead of getting up he started shouting and in the fit of anger he abused Karishma. It was after few seconds that Gautam realised that he said something wrong.
All the housemates stood in support of Karishma. Gautam realised his mistake and said sorry several times. But when he kept getting constant criticism he broke down and started howling.
On the other hand, Karishma appealed for Gautam’s disqualification from the show.
Has Bigg Boss’s game started in the house?

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