UNCUT: Babbar Vs Lamba, it’s all about the luxury!

UNCUT: Babbar Vs Lamba, it's all about the luxury!

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Week 3 of Bigg Boss brought in an amazing luxury task, Babbar Vs Lamba. It was a task which involved pyar, ishq aur mohabbat with a tadka of family rivalry and the garnishing of some maar dhaad. Sounds filmy eh?!
Bigg Boss divided the whole house into two families, the lady love Sonali who is the daughter of the Babbar family and her prince charming Upen, the handsome munda of the Lamba family. Further situations were given to both these love birds to fulfill it with their best of capabilities. In all this situation the Lamba family will support these pyar ke premi while the Babbar family will forbid any such lovey – dovey situations. Here is the uncut version of the luxury task:
___ PM: The house was divided into two families. The Arya’s – The Family in Black Vs The Lamba’s – The Clan in white
__ PM: The lovebirds were suppose to lock themselves inside the washroom for 10 minutes
__PM: The head of the family, Aarya broke all doors to save his daughter beloved
__PM: Upen and Sonali jump into the next situation where they are suppose to romance in the pool
__PM: Sushant – The Radio, defies all odds to sing a romantic number for the couple
__PM: The ‘sone ke kangan’ task finally accomplishes after breaking few bones and a glass
__PM: Praneet slyly arranges a romantic date for the couple by the pool side
__PM: The smarty pants Lamba clan hits the nail in the coffin with the ‘haldi’ doodh task
Will Team Lamba succeed in uniting these love birds or Will Team Aarya be the hurdle in the way? Which team are you supporting? Tell us in the comments section below!

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