The Dramatic Countdown of the Finale week begins: Recap, Halla Bol, Day 16

The Dramatic Countdown of the Finale week begins: Recap, Halla Bol, Day 16_3

Sambhavna and Dimpy continue their cold war, while Upen, Karishma and Gautam are seen bonding over lunch in the kitchen. Pritam is in good spirits as only a week is left to pack bags and get back home. Ali is struggling to make his way in to different groups of the house. Most of them are against him due to his ‘double dholki’ attitude. However, Dimpy is seen spending most of her time with Ali post Rahul’s exit.

As afternoon prevails Bigg Boss asks the contestants to participate in the nominations procedure set up in the garden area. Challengers will nominate any two contenders each from the champion’s team and vice versa. All housemates get 2 votes each and hence all are nominated. Also voting is open only till tomorrow night 10pm!

While the blame game moves on, Bigg Boss announces yet another task of the day. Housemates will have to stand up on a given pedestal and speak their mind out on a mega phone one after the other. They will have to talk about why the viewers should vote for them, how they think they are better than their fellow housemates and who according to them is not capable of winning the show. Arguments heat up as unpleasant memories rehash yet again.

Upen who is the guest of the house does not participate in the task but gets a chance to have his say as to whom he thinks should and should not win the show and why.

However, while there is a lot of drama and chaos on one end, the other end is blossoming with exceptional love and affection. Karishma and Upen are privileged to have their very first date inside the Bigg Boss house. The two spend some quality time together with much fondness exchanging the gifts they ordered during the “Bharo Dil Ke Gap with the Snapdeal App”. Karishma had bought a t-shirt for Upen while he got a ring for her!

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But the date ended on a teary note as Upen’s time came to an end in the house and he bid adieu to Karishma, with a promise to meet in a week!

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