Sukirti Kandpal: Don’t ask me anything about Gautam

Sukirti Kandpal: Don't ask me anything about Gautam

TV actress and Bigg Boss contestant Sukirti Kandpal who got evicted last week from the show says she does not want to answer any questions about her fights with Gautam Gulati on the show.

She said, “I think my eviction happened because Sonali nominated me last week. I don’t know any particular reason as to why I got evicted.”

In the last couple of episodes, Sukirti did not get along with Gautam and she had resolved not to speak to him. She said, “Don’t ask me anything about Gautam. He is not important at all. For me, there are far more other important people to talk about.”

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Ask her if she made any friends on the show and she said, “Arya, Diandra all are friends and doing well. But if you ask me who is close to winning, then it is too early to comment. I am in no position right now to comment on anything. All I know is that I want to sleep for two days after this show.”

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