Soni Singh Eliminated From Bigg Boss 8, Upen Patel Upset!

Soni Singh Eliminated From Bigg Boss 8, Upen Patel Upset!

Bigg Boss 8’s latest eliminations has Soni Singh getting eliminated from the house. Host, Salman Khan called Soni’s name announcing the eviction. Upen Patel was seen upset and even getting emotional with his-soul-sister getting eliminated from the controversial reality show. Soni, the TV actress, was seen most active in tasks but off late was seen going to the background along with Upen. The issue is most talked about in recent times, thanks to their growing isolation due to getting more comfortable in their own group and leaving the others out of the loop.

One of the main reason why Soni got nominated was due to her getting too comfortable in her group and surviving in Upen’s shadow. Contestants were seen expressing their disappointment in her following Upen and vice-a-versa. Also, their relationship took center stage on Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode when a caller demeaned their brother-sister relationship being something more than just that. Though it was clear that they had a clean slate, the only mistake they did was to announce their closeness so much that others could use it for their disadvantage.

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Thus, Soni’s Bigg Boss 8 journey comes to an end putting an end to Upen and Soni’s chapter on the show. Let’s hope this would let Upen come out to the open and show more of himself to others and not just his close friends.

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