Sneak Peek Praneet uses kitchen’s scissor to crop his beard, housemates angry!

Sneak Peek Praneet uses kitchen's scissor to crop his beard, housemates angry!

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Diandra and Deepshikha got angry when they spotted Praneet using kitchen’s scissor to crop his beard this morning. First of all Diandra and Deepshikha kept discussing about it in the aircraft.
After that they told Puneet to talk to Praneet about it. As soon as Puneet notified Praneet of his mistake, Praneet said he will wash it and keep it back but Karishma objected. She said, “Ulti hi ho jaegi bhagwan ki kasam!”
After that Karishma told Praneet that guys can be very casual but girls are very particular about their hygiene. It was then Praneet said, “Let’s not keep this scissor in the kitchen, I will tear milk packets with the knife now onwards!” Girls had no option but to say yes!

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