Shocking: Rekha ignores Puneet Issar on Bigg Boss 8

Shocking: Rekha ignores Puneet Issar on Bigg Boss 8

Rekha was seen spreading her charm in tonight’s episode of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 8. The actress was on the high voltage reality show to promote her upcoming film, Super Nani.

Salman and Rekha shared the stage after ages. But they made sure that the viewers are entertained for they sang and danced together.

However, that wasn’t the only interesting thing that happened in the episode. We also saw Rekha interacting and having a jolly good time with all the contestants, except Puneet Issar.

Yes, while the Koi Mil Gaya actress was warm to every housemate, but she was royally ignoring Puneet.

In fact, when she went inside the house, she greeted everyone with a hug, but when Puneet tried to hug her, she walked away.

We wonder if the actress is still miffed with Puneet over that Coolie incident. As many of you will already know, while shooting for Coolie, Puneet had accidentally caused a serious injury to Big B, after which Issar became a national villain.

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While Sr Bachchan’s legion of fans have let the bygones be bygones, but looks like Rekha haven’t been able to forgive Puneet yet.

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