Shocking! Bigg Boss 8: Sonali Raut admits that she ‘used’ Gautam Gulati and Upen Patel!

Shocking! Bigg Boss 8: Sonali Raut admits that she ‘used’ Gautam Gulati and Upen Patel

The lie-detector test that was conducted in the last episode of Bigg Boss 8 was an eye-opener for the inmates as well as for the audiences. Bigg Boss called Dimpy Ganguly and Puneet Issar in the confession room and threw some possibilities at them.

The other inmates were asked to either approve or disapprove their answers. This sach-ka-samna round produced some shocking revelations. Take a look and tell us if you agree with the following results.

Karishma is a bimbette aka mandabuddhi: Punnet Issar maintained that he belives so and the inmates nodded their heads to this one.

Dimpy Gnaguly (Mahajan) tried to divide P3G members: Issar believed so and the collective answer to that one was a big fat Yes!

Dimpy is a rangbadlu girgeet ( she changes her colour like a chameleon): Oh yes!

Ali and Pritam are getting close to Punnet Issar because they believe that Punnet Issar is a strong contender and being friends with him could work to the duo’s advantage: Though Puneet said Yes to this one, the gang maintained a loud No to that assumption.

Dimpy is a troublemaker: Oh definitely yes, maintained Puneet and the gang!

Sonali Raut used Upen and Gautam Gulati to advance her stay in the house: This one was a shocker majorly because even Sonali Raut admitted that she used a survival strategy to advance her cause-that is to stay in the news and therefore in the house!

Some other shocking revelations included: Gautam is the only friend Punnet has from the current pack. Dimpy tried to create divide between people and Upen Patel could sustain himself in the show only because he enjoyed an unflinching support from the female contestants.

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Now you tell us Bigg Boss followers do you agree with all the conclusions listed above or you agree to disagree!

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