Shivani Durgah – Bigg Boss 11Contestant

Shivani Durgah - Bigg Boss 11Contestant

  • Age : 1976
  • Education :two PhDs from Chicago University
  • Nationality :Indian
  • Occupation:Godwoman
  • From: Noida – Currently, Lives in Mumbai

The Bigg Boss 11 team has invited a tantrika Shivani Durgah to be the part of the new season. Shivani Durgah will participate as the commoner in the show; she will compete against other celebrities and commoners in the show. Let’s get a sneak peek of her early life and education and other achievements.

Personal Life and Education: This Noida based woman Shivani has a quite interesting profile to peep into. She is not only a god woman but also a keen participant of spirit hunting, singer, healer, Vodou anthropologist, a great tantrika and a founder of few organizations. It seems that Shivani is quite passionate about her interests and activities. She is even a tarot reader on mytv for Astrotalk Live Interactive show.

Shivani Durgah in an introductory video said – “Ek talaab ki machchli gandi hai to iska matlab ye nahi ki poora talaab hi ganda ho“. She must be pointing her fingers on the Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami or may be on the new cases of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh who is currently under imprisonment.And one thing not to miss about Shivani is she likes to introduce herself as ‘Simha Vahini‘ which means ‘Lion Rider Durga‘.

Life Achievements: Shivani is been awarded as “Tarot Queen of Cups” by Bharat Nirman. In addition, she is also awarded “Outstanding Professionalism” by GTN. This spiritual woman also holds a Ph.D. in Karmkanda and is a founder of Sarveshwari Shakti women Akhara and IWCVT – Indian Wiccan Community and Vodou Temple.She is actually a natural person who enjoys nature and its rhythms. This new contestant of Bigg Boss 11 has also written a thesis on Veda Science: Wicca-Tantra-Vodou-Religion and science.

You will be shocked after knowing her educational qualifications. Shivani aka god woman is a double Ph.D. holder and finished her college education from the USA. She is an ardent writer, book reader and a traveler who loves exploring different places

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