Shah Rukh Khan: I was offered Bigg Boss long time ago!

Shah Rukh Khan: I was offered Bigg Boss long time ago

With two blockbusters in two years – Chennai Express and Happy New Year – Shah Rukh Khan is as busy as ever even now, but manages to look fresh despite shooting all night. He’s barely had any sleep, but finds the time to launch a new channel &TV from the Zee Network stable. Witty as ever, Khan is the life of the game show India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun?, that marks his return to TV as a host.

The unique show will have people from across India asking questions to the contestants, who have to be street-smart in answering them. SRK presented a sample of the game-show and from what we saw, it is really fun, lively and interesting. SRK’s last three TV outings – Kaun Banega Crorepati, Zor Ka Jhatka and Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain? may not have rated well, but this looks like this one will hit the bull’s eye.

Excerpts from our chat…

What took you so long to return to TV?

The offers that came my way weren’t interesting enough. I like the Q&A format in a show. I do the same with my children at home and it’s fun. So when I got the opportunity to do it on a platform like this, I found it interesting as an actor and performer. This is in the fun zone. I am going to work round-the-clock and finish this. Right now, the team is going around the country and finding people who can ask questions.

Will the show also give the background of the people who are asking the questions?

Yes, I have asked them to show their background. It will be interesting. For instance, if a housewife says she is a fan of Lata Mangeshkar, we can ask her to hum a little. Some places I am trying to go myself and do an interview with them. I want to keep it as interactive and real as possible, even go live at times.

Your last show didn’t do well. How confident are you about this one?

Even with Paanchvi Pass, we wanted to make it a success. But for me more than success, it is important to see how much happiness can be spread. The sets are good, research is good, I am good (smiles) – it has all the ingredients to be a success, not just in terms of ratings but how much it will entertain. For me it is the most entertaining show. Depending on the questions from the common people it will be very interesting. For instance, housewives will choose housewives to ask questions. The pyramid will get bigger. There are people from different walks of life – politicians, sportspeople, celebrities, etc.

Has anybody shown you any shaanpatti so far?

Nobody, my reputation is such (Smiles). Everybody meets me with love!

Since 24, several channels and producers are trying to procure rights for foreign shows to be remade in Hindi. Will your production house look at acquiring any international shows?

I would like to, I have discussed it with friends from TV. But I think our thinking is very different. I love watching House Of Cards, Fargo and Prison Break. Not that they are very evolved, but that is forward TV specifically for Indian families. What is shown is these serials and the storylines are such that it can be shown in films. In Indian households wehre there are kids, uncles, aunties, grand parents etc – they may not see TV at the same time, but the content is running.

For instance, in the house you hear songs, bhajans, poems and if a naughty song is being played it seems strange. Not that we feel bad to hear it, but it’s a little awkward if you are naani is there and the song Sexy, Sexy is playing. It sounds odd. I think it will take considerable time for these storylines to adapted to Indianised TV.

What shows do you watch with your children?

With Aryan, I watch Breaking Bad and Fargo. With Suhana it’s Glee, America’s Supermodel and Pretty Little Liars. I try to show them some of the shows I watch which are serious, but don’t really succeed. With two bedrooms, I watch different shows with my son and daughter. If I tell Suhana to watch a show with me and Aryan she says it’s boring and when I tell Aryan to watch with me and Suhana, he is bored!

Were you offered Bigg Boss?

I was offered the show a long time ago and I had spoken about it. I didn’t get any offer in recent times.

This year you will have two releases…

I hope so, Fan and Rohit’s film. I will start shooting for his film from May for a three-month schedule. Before that I will be shooting for Raees for 40 days and Fan is almost over.

Is Rohit’s film a remake of any old Hindi film?

No, first I read it was a remake of Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, then Hum and later Amar Akbar Anthony! Let me tell you it is none of these. In fact the narration that I have got, I haven’t heard or seen anything like it before. It’s a populist happy film but original.

Has Raees be pushed to next year?

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Raees was always meant to release next year. It’s an Excel Entertainment, Red Chillies co-production and Excel has Dil Dhadakne Do and Bangistan. Raees will be their third or fourth release.

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