Serbian model upset by her Bigg Boss eviction

Serbian model Natasa Stankovic

Serbian model Natasa Stankovic blamed her inability to converse in Hindi as the prime reason for her eviction from the Bigg Boss house so early. The starlet, who was last seen per-forming an item number in Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan, got evicted on Sunday from the show.

Natasa had hoped to use the Bigg Boss platform to elevate her popularity among Bollywood fans. She, however, seemed dis-appointed with the limited footage she earned on the show. “The show is all about drama and the footage shown is largely of those contestants who are involved in fights and bickers. My portions, where I was danc-ing and entertaining other con-testants, were deleted,” said Natasa, who is also saddened because other contestants offered her little support.

Unlike last season’s imported contestant, the Swedish-Greek actress Elli Avram, who charmed the audience with her broken Hindi, Natasa appeared as a dumb doll. “I did try to present my views in Hindi but nobody really had the patience to hear out my point of view,” said Natasa, high-lighting how the contestants are all aggressively trying to present an image in front of the camera. “I was told by friends that only those portions where contest-ants got involved in squabbles are shown prominently rather than the fun moments,” said Natasa who felt lonely and left out because the rest of the con-testants were well aware of the requirement of the show.

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“To survive in such a reality show, one needs to have the abil-ity to deal with the negativity all around. The atmosphere inside the house can get extremely morbid at times,” she added. Natasa, 37, is gearing up for her next appearance, in the Ajay Devgn-starrer Action Jackson, along with a few other offers down South.

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