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Who Are In The Secret Society Of Bigg Boss 8?
Salman Khan

The much awaited Bigg Boss season 8 has finally taken off! Just in case you missed out on watching its inaugural episode, do check out our recap of it and leave us fun comments. While some contestants have left us intrigued, some seem too vanilla to be on the show. We already gave you the potential list of contestants for this season’s Bigg Boss much before last night and our list matches most of this year’s entrants.
Now for those of you who saw the episode, you obviously saw the Secret Society trio whose identities have not been revealed yet. The SS is going to have maximum advantage over all the other contestants… like a bed for starters! We hear that they’ll be the link between Bigg Boss and the others, and will have way too much authority over all the others.
Since they were left without an introduction, there’s been a lot of buzz around them since last night. We bring you the names of the celebs in the Secret Society.

Deepshikha Nagpal is a known face in the industry. She has done a number of films and has also appeared in a lot of TV shows. This babe was last seen on Nach Baliye.


This television veteran is most famous for his role as Duryodhan in the original BR Chopra‘s Mahabharat. Interestingly enough Puneet Bhatt, who plays Shakuni in the current Mahabharat series, is in the house. This should be fun.


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Popular RJ, Pritam Pyare, of a famous radio station is now all set to showcase his witty side in the Bigg Boss house.
The contestants of house will sure be super jealous of this trio. However, we are certain that these powers are only temporary and it will be fun to see their equation with the contestants once they’re off their given pedestal.
Too much excitement, we say!
We are looking forward to tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss eagerly. Are you? Tell us in comments below!

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