Secret Conversation Between Gautam and Pritam in Biggboss House!

Secret Conversation Between Gautam and Pritam in Biggboss House!

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As we all know Gautam and Pritam are the only friends and so called “Jai and Veeru” of the house. All inmates have strange behavior with both of them.
According to Official Channel
Gautam and Pritam the ‘Jai and Veeru’ of the Bigg Boss house, got a tadka to talk about, over their masala rice. We are aware of the rationing that happens in the Bigg Boss House and how the inmates deal with it. But Gautam and Pritam are unhappy with the way their fellow inmates deal with the food provided to them.
While Gautam and Pritam were in the washroom getting ready, the fellow contestants started off with their lunch, by the time Gautam came out, the lunch was almost over and hardly anything was left for him and his buddy Pritam. Looks like empty stomach ignited the anger in Gautam and he vented it out.
From cleaning the washroom to cleaning their souls, the duo discussed itsy-bitsy details about all the contestants.

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