Sambhavna and Dimpy have a major showdown! Recap, Halla Bol, Day 17

Sambhavna and Dimpy have a major showdown! Recap, Halla Bol, Day 17_7

In the morning Sambhavna and Karishma discussed how Pritam has been playing a double game in the name of Gautam and he’s trying to be too safe.

Bigg Boss sent in a task as a last chance to win Rs 25 lacs, task is called Aakhri Seedhi. Champions have to steal steps for their ladder from the opposite team and vice versa and Ali was the first one to steal from Champions, right under the noses of Gautam and Dimpy!

Karishma blamed Pritam for playing dirty politics and both started to argue over who has been more rude and negative in tasks throughout the season. Karishma revealed how Pritam has been talking negative about Gautam behind his back and is keeping a fake friendship with him for the sake of game.

Ali distracts Dimpy in the fight and steals another step. Gautam gets upset over Dimpy’s carelessness and tries to make her understand that she needs to focus.

The fight takes an ugly turn when Dimpy drags Sambhavna into the matter and claims she always talks about everyone’s personal life. Both have a rowdy argument and others have to intervene.

Later in the night, Ali tries to crack a deal with Dimpy to exchange a few steps in between them and while Dimpy agrees she has no idea that she’s being totally ambushed by Pritam and Ali. Thankfully, Dimpy requests Ali to back off from the deal and return her team’s steps.

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Sambhavna is hurt by some unfavorable words used by Dimpy for her and requests Bigg Boss to talk in confession room. When throughout the day she gets no response, she packs her bags nad decides to leave. Will she leave or will Dimpy apologise tomorrow?

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