Salman Khan to start new reality show on farming

While quite a few of the industry folk are setting up NGO’s to help the affected farmers in India, Salman Khan who is known for his philanthropically work has conceptualized something altogether different. In fact, Salman will be developing a different kind of reality show titled ‘The Farm’.

The said show will be much like the current Bigg Boss featuring celebrities involving themselves in mundane chores around a farm. Commenting on the same at a recently held press conference Salman said, “‘The Farm’ has the same concept as that of ‘Bigg Boss’. Celebrities will be spending close to four months on the farm.

Here they will have to do everything by themselves right from milking the cow and goat to farming and sowing”. Further talking about the show Khan adds, “There will be a farmer present who will teach all the techniques of farming to the contestants.”

While the concept for the show is based on a British reality show by the same name that was produced by Strix, Salman is in talks with the CEO of Colours Raj Nayak for the Indian version. The format of the show will put a group of celebrities on a farm where they stay together for a short period of time, where in the contestants have to work like a normal farmer, like doing agriculture and raising animals for example.

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During their stay on the farm in regular periods, one of the contestants is evicted from the farm by way of a public telephone vote. This process is continued until a final contestant is chosen and then he wins the title of the ‘Top Farmer’.

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