Salman gives a reality check! Recap #WeekendKaVaar

Salman gives a reality check! Recap #WeekendKaVaar_1

Ali felt threatened in the house by Puneet. Upen instigated him more and advised him to leave the house and save himself. Who knew Upen could play such a game!

Salman gives a reality check! Recap #WeekendKaVaar_2
Ali took Upen’s warning a bit too seriously and second time in the same week he attempted to escape from the house. Bigg Boss called him back and consulted him to stay back.

Salman gives a reality check! Recap #WeekendKaVaar_3
Salman first spoke to Upen and congratulated on playing the luxury budget task wonderfully. As a reward Upen got to talk to his Mum and family and he got quite emotional. His mother especially thanked Puneet for saying that every mother should have a son like Upen. Awww! Upen was also declared safe!
Salman gives a reality check! Recap #WeekendKaVaar_4
Coming to Ali and Sonali’s matter, Salman blamed Praneet to have let the comment go out of hand. Salman said if there’s a joke between boys it should be kept within and not let it reach the girls and there’s no one in the house who hasn’t ever spoken badly about someone else, even girls.
Salman gives a reality check! Recap #WeekendKaVaar_5
Salman said in the beginning it was only ‘Gautam, Gautam, Gautam’ and now the same is happening for Ali. He warned Ali to keep a check on his language because he’s on TV not real life and asked him to man up and show some courage rather than just running away.
Salman gives a reality check! Recap #WeekendKaVaar_6
Salman condemned everyone to be wrong in this situation and asked Ali and Sonali to apologise to each other. Ali was saved from nomination and Salman made him happy by saying that’s he’s been signed up by director Kabir Khan in his next movie. Wow!
Salman gives a reality check! Recap #WeekendKaVaar_7

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Coming to the luxury budget task Salman asked Karishma about making the team lose over her makeup. She defended herself saying that she was emotionally charged that time since she didn’t get to meet her Mum and hence just took her makeup without thinking about the task. Renee and Karishma had a tiff in front of Salman in which Renee blamed everyone to have ignored her emotions.
Salman gives a reality check! Recap #WeekendKaVaar_8
Snapdeal caller of the week gifted a screwdriver to Praneet advising him to stop being ‘bali ka bakra’ and to play his game actively. She commented on how Puneet always punished Praneet for everything and there’s no P3G but only PG (Puneet and Gautam). When asked by Salman, Pritam agreed that Praneet tends to take problems on himself and he needs to start voicing his opinion and play individually.

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