Salman decodes Sonali’s captaincy: Recap #WeekendkaVaar

Salman decodes Sonali's captaincy: Recap #WeekendkaVaar

This Weekend ka Vaar it wasn’t only Salman who danced in the beginning of the episode but the housemates danced too to wish the host Salman for his birthday! Happy Budday to you!

First off Salman praised Sonali for looking exgtremely beautiful on-screen and then questioned her about her mysterious supernatural friends in the house. Sonali replied saying she has two ghostly friends, one in bathroom and another in bedroom and she sometimes talks to them. This spooked out everyone even Salman!

Salman showed an incident in which Sonali had given tap water to Upen and when he and Karishma got to know they called her evil. When Pritam made a joke on Sonali and Upen, the latter didn’t take it lightly and Salman discussed this matter. Salman reminded Upen that he too had played a practical joke on Ali due to which his health was affected and if he can play a joke on someone he needs to learn how to take a joke on himself.

Salman commented that how when he’s asking a question to Upen, Karishma is answering and vice-versa. What friendship!

Then the question came on Sonali’s captaincy. Salman asked that how did Karishma, Upen and Dimpy vote for Sonali when they were against her? Very conveniently the trio put it in on Gautam that since he didn’t approach them to ask for votes they gave it to Sonali. Gautam defended saying he himself was of the opinion that Sonali should get a chance and when these three had only proposed his name for captaincy then why should he ask them for votes.

Salman asked Sonali to rate everyone’s captaincy on 10 and she gave herself full marks whereas 0 to Karishma and Upen! But others’ constantly complained that Sonali herself broke rules and even slept in her own captaincy which was seen by Upen. She completely denied that she ever did and blamed Upen for lying. On other note, Dimpy, Ali and Pritam were declared safe.

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Snapdeal caller of the week gifted a lighter to Gautam asking him to “light his fire” so as to say and become the old Gautam again!

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