Rohan Mehra loses his cool on Bigg Boss 10! #BB10

The atmosphere in the house is quite heated up already. One after the other Celebrities are feeling the pressure and retaliating about the way they are being treated as Sevaks. Amidst all this Rohan Mehra seemed to be a calm, composed person but tonight even he losees his temper.

Rohan Mehra loses his cool on Bigg Boss 10

Rohan mistakenly drops water on Priyanka and that gives her a chance to pick a fight with him. She gets into a nasty argument and makes him wash her clothes as revenge. Rohan gulps the insults at that time but he loses it when Manu tries to put him down. He says that Rohan will not be able to do anything in the house. An angered Rohan finally says that, ‘Yehi farak hai Aap mein aur Hum mein’. At Rohan’s comment all hell breaks loose and Manu charges towards him. Bani and other Celebrities come in between and stop Manu!



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