Rekha in Bigg Boss 8!

Rekha in Bigg Boss 8!

After Comedy Nights With Kapil, Rekha is all set to appear in Bigg Boss. Looks like the actress is going all out to promote her upcoming film Super Nani. Sources say that the glam diva is planning to take inmates of Bigg Boss by surprise.

At first, she will capture their imagination only through her deep husky voice and keep the contestants guessing. “After his usual interaction with the contestants in the Saturday episode of Weekend Ka Waar, Salman Khan will tell them that the house is going to be hijacked. And the next voice the inmates will hear will be that of Rekha instead of Bigg Boss’s baritone. Like the secret society which earlier used to manoeuvre the contestants, Rekha will control them. She will tell them to do wierd things – ask them to freeze whatever they are doing, etc.” It’s only in the Sunday episode that she will enter the house and meet the contestants. The housemates will be given a task by Rekha titled Mein bhi Rekha, in which all the girls will have enact her roles, style, mannerism , dances etc while the boys will have to try and charm Rekha with their wooing skills.

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What will be even more interesting is the interaction between Rekha and Salman. After all, it was with Rekha’s Biwi Ho Toh Aisi that Salman made his film debut. He had played her brother-in-law in the film. The duo, who has never shared screen space after that, will be making a combined entry on a medley of songs from their films.

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