Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly’s divorce finalised

Dimpy Ganguly was Rahul Mahajan’s second wife. The two met on a reality show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge on Imagine TV in 2009. Within a year, the constant fights between the couple lead to a separation, things intensified when Dimpy complained of domestic violence against Rahul. The couple, however, sorted out their issues and decided to give their relationship one more chance.

In 2010, Dimpy and Rahul decided to part ways for good and filed for divorce. The couple stated that the issue between them was lack of compatibility. During Dimpy’s stint in Bigg Boss 8, the actress-model claimed that she fell out of love with Rahul. Sources claim that Dimpy’s miscarriage was one of the prime reasons of separation between the couple.

People saw hope of the estranged couple coming back together after seeing their stint and closeness on the controversial reality show. However, Rahul claims that Dimpy will always remain close to his heart and a dear friend, but he has no plans to stay married to her.

According to rumour mills, Dimpy is currently seeing someone in Dubai and Rahul is dating someone. The duo has refuted these rumours, even though we think otherwise. According to the latest updates, Rahul and Dimpy, who have agreed for a divorce on mutual grounds, will soon be free from each other. The final divorce hearing will be on February 26, 2015, post which the couple will grant them legal separation.

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From what we hear, Rahul and Dimpy are just waiting for the official papers declaring their single status so they can move on in life and start dating again. Let’s hope they both find suitable partners in their respective lives, while still continuing their friendship as displayed on Bigg Boss 8.

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