Puneet Issar’s Big Breakdown On Bigg Boss

Puneet Issar’s Big Breakdown On Bigg Boss

From the time this season of Bigg Boss began Puneet Issar has been branded the bad boy of the show. Repeatedly vilified and ostracized for his double-speak and bullying tactics Puneet will undergo an experience of utmost remorse on Wednesday night when he will be seen trying to con Minissha Lamba into performing a trick task.

At the end of it Puneet ended up feeling extremely guilty. He breaks down and weeps.
Says a source from Colors, “Puneet who is inside the phone booth is asked to name the one female housemate whom he dislikes the most. Puneet takes Minissha’s name. Then he is asked to convince Minissha to bring a huge garbage bin kept in the store room to him, and take out from the bin a blue envelope which contains a cue card for Puneet’s further instructions, with her bare hands.

She cannot tilt or put the dust bin upside down but only use her hands to search the cue card. On being requested by Puneet, Minissha instantly agrees and brings the garbage bin to Puneet. She also does the task very honestly stating, ‘Aapko baahar nikalne ke liye main yeh karungi, Puneetji’. On seeing Minissha pouring her heart and soul into the task, even bodily plunging into the garbage bin at one point to search for the cue card, Puneet starts to weep feeling guilty for what he has done.

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The voice on the phone reminds Puneet that the one whom he nominated all the time (that is, Minissha) is going through so much pain for him, yeh kamaal hai Bigg boss ke ghar ka. Hearing that Puneet starts to cry on the phone and says how ashamed he is of himself and that if Minissha cannot complete this task, he will take up any punishment in place of Minissha for himself. Remorseful Puneet then watches Minissha as she struggles for him. After the task Puneet states, ‘As soon as I am free from this task, I will go to Minissha and touch her feet for what she has done for him.”

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