POLL: Sonali or Ali – Who deserves to be kicked out of the BB House this time?

POLL: Sonali or Ali - Who deserves to be kicked out of the BB House this time

Today’s episode turned out to be the ultimate example of ‘Bal Ka Prayog’ or use of physical force and how! Ali Quli Mirza’s nasty antics and obnoxious behaviour towards the female contestants of the house has been an issue for weeks now.

It all began with Ali’s lecherous conduct towards Sonali under the blanket. He was pulled up severely by BB for the inappropriate action and was banned from participating to attain the position of captaincy throughout his stay in BB house.

But Ali was not the one to be chastised so easily. He continued with his impure doings which did not go down well with the female contestants at all.

Today, when Sonali gave him his due by slapping him on national television for passing obscene comments on her relationship with Upen, Ali set the whole house on fire by demanding the doors to be open and claiming to be ill (by a mere slap?).

What is really baffling is the fact that how easily Bigg Boss, who is regarded as considerate and fair, went back on his words and gave Ali the option to cancel the ban on his chance for captaincy during the App task on Day 66’s episode.

Wasn’t that an anti-women move Bigg Boss? What happened to all that fairness and integrity that made you punish Ali Quli Mirza for his poor conduct? Isn’t adopting right behaviour towards women a rule worth following in the BB house?

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The answer seems a big NO to us. What about you readers?
Do you think ‘Bigg Boss’ is no longer a fair game that punishes the wrong doers? Isn’t BB setting a wrong example for the society that is already dealing with the burning issue of crime against women? And, last but not the least, who should be thrown out of the BB house – Sonali or Ali?

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