P3G strategise to chuck out Deepshika, Soni & Karishma!

P3G strategise to chuck out Deepshika, Soni & Karishma!

After the lights of the house go off around midnight, Puneet, Pritam, Praneet and Gautam sit down to discuss the happenings inside the house. Puneet leads the talk on the people who are the most bothersome inside the house. Pritam and Puneet take Deepshika’s name first owing to her dominating nature. They say that ever since she has come, things have started going awry in the house.

The even mention how slyly Deepshika commented when she lost the scooty task to the other team. They pity Sonali for daring to move on with the task despite falling down again and again and give thumbs down to Deepshika for barely commending the girl for the pain she took.

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Next, they talk about Karishma by reasoning that she has an annoying habit of getting personal during the tasks. Soni too makes way to their hit list ‘coz she has a selfish habit of eating a meaty portion of the cooked food and sharing her portions with the ones who she likes.
The mend decide to nominate the three chosen women next week.

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