Ouch: Mia Khalifa says she never wants to set foot in India!

It turns out that the rumours that Mia Khalifa was going to be part of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 9 have proven untrue. The porn star took to Twitter to confirm that she would not be taking part in the show. In fact, she claimed she would never set foot in India. She wrote on Twitter: “Let’s get something clear: I am never stepping foot in India, so whomever said I have “shown interest” in being on Big Boss should be fired.”

According to various sources, the makers of Bigg Boss 9 have already approached the porn star to appear on the show this year. Apparently, Mia had shown some interest but it seems like her asking price was too high.

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Recently, the porn star’s Instagram account had been hacked. According to the reports, the hacker is believed to be Saudi Arabian because the four posts made on her account since the hacking have been a Saudi Arabian flag, an Islamic symbol and some advertisements.

Author: Bigg Boss

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