OMG! Housemates get a makeover for the finale!

OMG! Housemates get a makeover for the finale

So the day has finally arrived! Today the Big Boss trophy would be handed over to the most deserving housemate, who survived these four months in the house like a boss!
But it doesnt cone so easy and so soon; the day had to unfold many happenings before which would make this finale become the real grand finale.

The morning was quite unusual, as a grand set up awaited to groom the top 5 contenders. All five were given absolute new look and a complete makeover. Some funky hairstyling and jazzy outfits to begin with.

But what happened post that was the real treat for my eyes and I am sure you would enjoy it too. The very dynamic and beautiful Mallaika arora Khan entered the house and joined them to put up some special performances. They all sizzled and how!

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The countdown had begun already! Two housemates were to come house same evening. Who were those two? How were they coming out??

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