Meet Bigg Boss 9’s 17-yr-old contestant, Digangana Suryavanshi

Indian telly’s very own Rapunzel, Digangana Suryavanshi crossed threshold of the Bigg Boss house on Sunday and as excited as everyone must have been to see her, we are sure nothing would beat the excitement she is feeling.

Known best for essaying the lead role in Star Plus’s prime time soap Veera, Digangana spoke to us shortly before entering the house. Here are some excerpts:

What was your first reaction when you received a call for Bigg Boss?
Well, as you know I am 17 years old and so I asked them whether they knew that I am not even 18 yet. They said ‘yeah, we know that you are 17, so let’s have a meeting’. So I was like ‘Okay! Sounds good’. However, my mom got all worked up about it and she said ‘you are not even 18 yet, wait until your birthday at least, no no no!’ You know how moms are.

But then we met with the guys from the show and they to us everything about how thing will be, they gave us the whole idea. So my mom was like ‘okay, if my daughter gets to learn and we also get to see who our daughter really is.’ And so I got into the show.

Have you prepared for the show?
Well, yes. I have watched it before but I think every season is really different. However, I do have a rough sketch of what is going to happen and what to expect.

So what strategy will you apply to make it through to the very end?
My strategy would be to be who I am and to show people just that. Because I think it is very easy and very convenient to say that I am this and I am that and I’ll do this and I’ll do that but then people will be watching you 24×7, you will have to stick to your words. So I just hope to be who I am and make my people proud of who I am.

If you could define yourself in one word, what will it be? How will the viewers remember you?
Digangana. That’s it. Nothing can define me better than my name itself. It mean someone who is kind, smart, versatile, someone who has got courage, good values and is extremely talented and who’s praise is spread all across the world, in all directions. That’s one of the craziest ways to explain myself.

So what’s next after Bigg Boss? Have you got everything planned or are you just going to go with the flow?
I do have an idea actually. Bigg Boss is something I have never done before and I am really excited so yes my fans and everybody can also look forward to that. And yes, ‘with the flow’ is also an option. Everything is not like ‘planned’ planned but yeah I do have an idea.

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How excited are you to work with Salman Khan?
Of course! Who wouldn’t be? I mean he is an amazing artist and all of that, so yes of course.

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