Luv & Akash’s fight and Shilpa & Vikas’s Patch up will be the highlights on Bigg Boss 11

It’s turn for Puneesh and his team to be on the receiving end for Jo mudd gaya wo udd gaya task. Vikas’s team will be seen leaving no stone unturned to take revenge from the opposite team by playing the game proactively.

However as the day progresses a major fight breaks between Luv and Akash and duo challenges each other to attack, however just then the other housemates intervene. But seemingly this doesn’t end so easily, things only get worse between the two.

But on the other side Vikas, who is serving his punishment in jail is seen making up with Shilpa! Now this will be a visual treat as the two get into a mode of patching up! Vikas apologizes and so does Shilpa, in fact the latter expresses how hurt she feels whenever Vikas talks to her in an inappropriate manner. Vikas actually feels guilty and says sorry. Truly an emotional moment between the two. Onlookers, Hiten, Jyoti and Benafsha can’t help but smile looking at this sweet moment between the two.

And of course the housemates celebrate Diwali in-house! The celebration has already begun, as tonight’s episode will showcase them feeding sweets to each other forgetting all the negatives and just enjoying the festivity!

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So tune in to watch the latest episode tonight!Catch all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 11 here.

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