Love triangles in ‘Bigg Boss’ house

Love triangles have long been a staple on TV shows. A good love triangle makes for the best TV adding masala and yes TRPs. We see a lot of it in TV shows but here we give a list of love triangles that were made inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

Anupama Verma – Aryan Vaid- Ragini Shetty
Anupama Verma – Aryan Vaid- Ragini Shetty: The first season of ‘Bigg Boss’ kicked off with the love triangle of these three housemates. Ragini Shetty, a non-celebrity in Bigg Boss got a little fame after entering the house. She had a huge crush on the hottie of the house Aryan Vaid, who but, proposed to model Anupama Verma. Unfortunately none of them could get together.

Payal Rohatgi – Rahul Mahajan – Monica Bedi

Payal Rohatgi – Rahul Mahajan – Monica Bedi: There were rumors about Rahul Mahajan and Payal dating even before they entered the Bigg Boss house. The duo entered the house with a spark and their actions made it evident specially their swimming-pool-time. But after Monica Bedi entered the house, Rahul’s loyalty and focus shifted to Monica. Rahul was suddenly seen flirting with Monica Bedi and almost proposed her leading Payal to break up with him.

Tanaaz Irani – Bakhtiyaar Irani – Claudia Ciesla
Tanaaz Irani – Bakhtiyaar Irani – Claudia Ciesla: Bakhtiyaar went on a different level in the Bigg Boss house by flirting with the German beauty Claudia. Bakhtiyaar tried flirting and getting close with Claudia even when his wife Tanaaz was also in the house. Their famous pool incident made everyone raise eyebrows. Soon after the scene, Bakhtiyaar had to face his wife Tanaaz and cleverly enough he mend his ways.

Veena Malik – Ashmit Patel – Sara Khan
Veena Malik – Ashmit Patel – Sara Khan: Their case was a complicated one in the Bigg Boss house. Sara and Ashmit were inseparable in the Bigg Boss house. They did everything together and were together just all the time. But soon enough when Sara got eliminated, Ashmit’s focus and attention shifted towards the Pakistani actress Veena Malik. By the time Sara returned to the house, she was made Ashmit’s little sister. And when all of this was not enough, Sara married her longtime boyfriend Ali Merchant inside the Bigg Boss house, creating history.

Shonali Nagrani – Siddharth Bhardwaj – Vida Samadzai
Shonali Nagrani – Siddharth Bhardwaj – Vida Samadzai: He was young, energetic and entertaining. His good looks and flirtatious nature made him women’s favourite. Siddharth started flirting with both Shonali and Vida together, not wasting his time and enthusiasm. Once the season got over, the three of them decided to take different ways.

Delnaaz Irani – Rajeev Paul – Sana Khan
Delnaaz Irani – Rajeev Paul – Sana Khan: Delnaaz and Rajeev together entered the Bigg Boss house in the hope of mending their broken relationship. But Rajeev had other plans in mind. Rajeev was often seen impressing and flirting with Sana Khan who equally gave him attention but both were just ‘good friends’ till the end. After the show got over, they still remain to be friends but are too busy in their schedules to start something new.

Niketan Madhok – Karishma Kotak – Vishal Karwal

Niketan Madhok – Karishma Kotak – Vishal Karwal: Niketan and Karishma were a couple long time before entering the Bigg Boss house. Vishal’s attention shifted towards Karishma after Sana and went crazy about her. Karishma’s ex-flame Niketan maintained his gentleman nature without losing his calm and supporting her in every decision. Karishma and Vishal dated for a while even after the show, but parted ways after some time.

Kushal Tandon – Gauahar Khan – Ajaz Khan
Kushal Tandon – Gauahar Khan – Ajaz Khan: This case was surely the perfect one for a love triange. Ajaz left no stones unturned to impress Gauahar, but it could not affect the winner Gauahar Khan. Kusha Tandon won the brownie points in winning Gauahar when they confessed their love for each other on national television and looked very-much-in-love. The couple dated even after getting out of the Bigg Boss house but could not continue for long.

Sonali Raut – Upen Patel – Karishma Tanna

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Sonali Raut – Upen Patel – Karishma Tanna: Upen gave Sonali a lot of attention and made her fall in love with him. But the attention was for a small period of time as his interest got shifted and he fell madly in love with Karishma Tanna and rest is history. The couple recently got engaged and is the only couple from Bigg Boss who are still happily together.

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