Live Update Karishma and Minissha talk about eliminations!

Live Update Karishma and Minissha talk about eliminations!

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Day6, Time: 6:20pm
Our ears caught Karishma and Minissha’s talks when they started discussing eliminations. It might not appear on their facesbut there is a lot of stress in the house. We heard Karishma saying, “Kal to elimination hai! Koi ek jan ghar chhod ke chala jaega!” Minissha responded to Karishma saying, “Agar ek jaega to koi na koi aega bhi, hamesha 15-16 log hote hain!” Minissha and Karishma are very cautious about maintaining their place in the house. Suddenly they closed their conversation as soon as they saw other housemates coming near them!
It seems everybody is doing their secret calculations in the house!

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