Know what happened when Kapil Sharma and family entered Bigg Boss house

Know what happened when Kapil Sharma and family entered Bigg Boss house

As the 14th week inside the Bigg Boss house draws to a close, a joyous occasion is set to change the mood inside the Bigg Boss house…and outside too! This Saturday, 27th December, 2014 marks the birthday of host Salman Khan.

And nothing could prepare him and the viewers for the turn of events as Bigg Boss decided to celebrate the actor’s birthday in great style with the actor getting a special present – a day off.

Well, a special treat has been planned which will double the dose of entertainment for both – viewers and contestants as Kapil Sharma and his whacky family takes over the Bigg Boss house for a special episode which will leave everyone in splits.

According to a source, “Kapil ‘Bittoo’ Sharma and his family comprising of Dadi, Bua, Gutthi, Palak and Siddhu ji entered the Bigg Boss and engaged the contestants inside through the laughter riot and made created some huge laughter-inducing moments. Kapil entered by singing ‘Hum Tum Ek Kamre Me Band Ho’.

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Bittoo Sharma and his family members brought a comic relief for the contestants inside the house.” Scroll next to have a glimpse of Bigg Boss 8 contestants having a laughter riot with Bittoo Sharma and his family members.

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