Karishma Tanna, Dolly Bindra, Pooja Mishra – Bigg Boss contestants I dread meeting

Karishma Tanna, Dolly Bindra, Pooja Mishra – Bigg Boss contestants I dread meeting

Just imagine being in a room with the likes of Dolly Bindra, Raja Choudhary, Pooja Mishra, Sambhavna Sheth and Imam Siddiqui; am getting goose bumps with just the thought of it.

Karishma Tanna: From season 8 of Bigg Boss, Karishma has been extremely aggressive when it came to tasks and fights. She knew how to play her game, which is sometimes very scary. It’s her aggressive nature that made even the other contestants vary of her.

Raja Choudhary: Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband came on the show with a history of violence. He claimed that he wanted to control his anger and was hoping that his daughter would get to see the changed man he’d become. But Raja couldn’t keep up his word. The man not only got abusive, but even violent with his fellow contestants. And I wouldn’t trust him to not get violent with me if he didn’t like something I said, asked or did.

Dolly Bindra: Calling her loud and obnoxious would be an understatement of Dolly Bindra’s capabilities. It was extremely difficult to watch Season 4 of Bigg Boss the moment Dolly Bindra came onscreen. In fact, not just me, everyone in the show was disgusted with her mere presence. In fact, during the show, there was an incident when Dolly actually beat up Samir Soni with a broom in anger. I had once seen her at a party, but she is so intimidating that I actually ran away in the opposite direction.

Sambhavna Seth: Any conversation with this ex-Bigg Boss contestant is like talking to the wall. She doesn’t listen, and prefers to scream for people to accept and agree with her point. Well this time on Bigg Boss Halla Bol, Sambhavna threw her sandal at Dimpy in a fit of anger. It’s kinda scary to imagine her do that whenever she loses her cool. Just imagine what the people living with her and bearing her anger on a daily basis must be going through.

Pooja Mishra: Well when I first saw her on Bindass’ Big Switch, she came across and someone intelligent and sensible, but the moment she opened her mouth nothing but filth came out. All her etiquettes and manners go down the drain if you engage her in a fight. Of course we’ve seen this behaviour first hand in the previous season of BB. So I’m sure confronting her, would be nothing less than tying a bell to the cat’s neck.

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Imam Siddiqui: As we’ve all seen in the previous season, the man is scandalous, has no buffer when he talks and has no sense of dressing. If I reckon correctly, the man even took off all his clothes to sport a skin coloured attire. Well Imam may entertain but if you ever get on his wrong side, then God alone help you.

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