Karishma Tanna, Dimpy Ganguly, Pritam Singh: Who is the bitchiest person inside the Bigg Boss house? Vote!

Karishma Tanna, Dimpy Ganguly, Pritam Singh Who is the bitchiest person inside the Bigg Boss house Vote!

The grand finale of Bigg Boss Halla Bol is just around the corner. While the winner of this season will be announced over the weekend, BiggBossDiary we have a task for you as of now. Vote and tell us who according to you has been the bitchiest person in the BB house this year. Options are mentioned below so get started…

Puneet Issar: He may have entered the Bigg Boss house looking most mature and wise but surprisingly Puneet Issar turned out to be the most hated person amongst all BB 8 contestants. From calling Karishma Tanna a bimbo to bitching about his own group member Pritam Singh, the veteran actor did it all to stay in the house. In fact, there is hardly one person he didn’t bad-mouth in the controversial show. Even Praneet Bhatt while biding adieu to the show requested Puneet to take care of his language. Well, that’s the reason why he is on the top of our list.

Dimpy Ganguly: She entered the show much later than the rest but within no time this dimpled beauty became the center of attention courtesy her loud mouth and irritating voice. But what really caught our attention was how Rahul Mahajan’s estranged wife changed groups every alternate day. Initially she bitched about Ms Tanna and Upen but later became friends with them. Dimpy even bitched about Sambhavna Seth but later she became all pally with her and bitched about the rest. Also, remember Pritam calling her dimak? So this list would certainly be incomplete without her, hai na peeps?

Ali Quli Mirza: If you religiously follow the controversial celebrity reality show then I am pretty sure you know that the Roar actor hasn’t been loyal to anyone in the glass-walled house. So it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we said he is rang badloo girgit. In fact, Ali himself accepted this fact. From being an impartial captain to bitching about one and all, this singer’s journey has indeed been the most interesting. Despite being good friends with Dimpy, he called her abla nari who is trying to gain sympathy with her tears. Well, if you can bitch about your so-called best buddy then we don’t need to justify about Ali Quli Mirza’s inclusion on this list.

Karishma Tanna: All the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house have labelled her the ‘most selfish person’. But apart from that, Ms Tanna just like few of her friends is also quite bitchy. Her love story with co-contestant Upen Patel may have grabbed eyeballs but at the same time the Grand Masti actress did indulge in bitching sessions with Patel. And then of course we all know how much she bitched about Puneet Issar, no?

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Pritam Singh: When this popular RJ came on the show, he seemed the most sorted in his head. In fact, for the longest time Pritam was unbiased and also someone who didn’t entertain nonsensical talks. However, in the last few days Singh has been bitching about his one-time good friend Gautam a lot. Every now and then he keeps have bitching marathon sessions with Ali. To an extent I am not complaining because when you have so many crazy people together in one house, how long can stay sane?

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