Karishma breaks down: Recap, Halla Bol Day 11

Karishma breaks down: Recap, Halla Bol Day 11_4

Bigg Boss house is known to give punishment in the most unique and entertaining of ways. In the Sunday episode of Weekend Ka Halla Bol, host Farah Khan sentenced Karishma Tanna to a punishment of being handcuffed to co-challenger Rahul Mahajan till further notice.

Bigg Boss announces the nominations procedure; where each housemate will impale the contestants’ pictures hanging on a dartboard with arrows. Each contestant has only two darts to choose who they want to put forward for nomination.

But since Ali is the Captain of the house, he has immunity from nominations this week, along with Upen Patel, who cannot be nominated as he is a guest in the Bigg Boss house. But not all are as lucky, when it comes to nominations as Mahek was already nominated for this week as she became the target of the Bigg Bomb thrown on her by recently evicted contestant Sana Khan.

When it comes down to eliminating their strongest competitor or just the contestant against whom they hold a grudge, every housemate uses the nominations to pour the venom of their bitterness stowed inside.

Where at one end Gautam and Karishma take personal jabs at each other, on the other Dimpy skews the picture of Karishma and Pritam for all the drama that unfolded in the past week. After an intense session of nominations with the housemates spitting fire on each other, four members are nominated for eviction this week.

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Seeing everyone gossip about their friendship, Karishma breaks down in front of Upen.
Licking the wounds suffered during nominations, the housemates initiate their sessions of gossip and discussion with their trusted allies.

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