Karishma accepts Upen’s proposal? Recap, Halla Bol Day 10

Karishma accepts Upen's proposal? Recap, Halla Bol Day 10

Upen and Karishma share some romantic moments before going off to sleep. Sambhavna confronts Karishma about her feelings for Upen and if she too likes him? Sambhavna mentioned its very obvious that Upen has genuine feelings for her and its the right moment for Karishma to reveal if she feels the same. Karishma accepts that Upen is her type of guy and she would love to spend time with him outside the house too. O.M.G!!

Post Karishma’s confession, Dimpy, Sambhavna and Sana discuss about KT’s true intentions to date Upen. Dimpy reveals that when KT got to know that her actual boyfriend has faced a huge loss in business she has lost interest in him. The Gossip girl trio commented how Karishma is only interested in money and they feel bad for her boyfriend who is subjected to watch his girlfriend cheat on national TV.

Bigg Boss asks Karishma to mutually decide with the Champions who 2 amongst them doesn’t deserve to be captain. After a lot of discussion the team finalises the names of Karishma and Mahek who will not get a chance to play for captaincy task.

Pritam, Ali and Sambhavna got a chance to play for captaincy task. The task was to strike the coin ‘C’ on a life-size carrom board. Sambhavna lost the chance in the first go but it was a tough fight between Pritam and Ali in which the latter stood victorious. This is for the fourth time that Ali has become the Captain of the house!

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Bigg Boss threw another googly as he gave winners of luxury budget task, Team Challengers, to choose between buying the luxury items or do a Tabaadla. Sana insisted that this time she will stand for herself as she wants to enter Champions team whereas Gautam and Rahul really wanted to buy food for everyone. Eventually Sana got her golden chance and in Tabaadla Challengers asked Karishma to come from the other team!

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