Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan or Bigg Boss 9: What’s Parth Samthaan’s ‘good news’ about?

Parth Samthaan is possibly one of the most loved TV stars of the new generation. Undoubtedly so, given that his exit from the popular youth based show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan broke a million hearts nationwide. But is he planning a comeback on the same show?

Parth who decided to excuse himself from the show’s second season after playing the immensely popular Manik Malhotra in the television series, took to Instagram to post a picture of himself. But what surprised us was the way he captioned the picture.

“Happy Sunday. Good News Around The Corner,” he wrote on Instagram. Now this has got us wondering. Is he planning to return to the show that made him popular? Is he going to make another surprise announcement soon? Has Parth been signed on for a new show? Or is he entering the Bigg Boss 9 house?

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There are too many questions that arise after reading his posts and it has to be one of them. Which one? That only Parth can tell!

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