Jyoti Kumari Caught Smoking And Hina Khan Not Happy At All !

Jyoti Kumari Caught Smoking And Hina Khan Not Happy At All !

This Season, Fights and Arguments began from the very first day. Usually, contestants take 3-4 days to settle in , but this year case is totally different. As the drama continues, Hina Khan shared something about Jyoti Kumari to all fellow contestants while sitting in the garden area.

As we know Akash was flirting with Jyoti couple of days back and even went on to say “i love you” to her. Jyoti bro zoned him after that.

Cut to the next day, Jyoti was found smoking in the smoking area along with Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan. By looking at the footage its clear that she is a non-smoker and wanted to try it. This is when Hina said “ye bol rahi thi kisiko i love you bhi nahi bolungi aur dekho abhi smoking kar rahi hai” Everyone nodded to what Hina Khan said !

Hina Khan even instructed them “ek time pe ek hi smoking area me jaa sakta hain” Of course, she clarified later that she is not really judging her but she was not happy that Jyoti can’t say “i love you” to a friend.

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Anyway, Looks like Hina is not happy that Jyoti nominated her. Jyoti was quite aggressive while nominating her and put a stamp very hard with extra force. That doesn’t go well with Hina Khan and she even said Jyoti to calm down. Clearly things are not going well between Jyoti kumari and Hina Khan.

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